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 TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: The application computer program under the name "WELDING IN TOSNO" exclusive right, which belongs to the Company "Averd Soft" by the fact of creation. Content – all objects placed by the Contractor in the mobile application, including design works, graphic, text, audio, photo and video – works and any other objects and their collections that are objects intellectual property rights or non-intellectual property rights (including the exclusive right to the objects of intellectual rights) to which owned either by the Artist or other copyright holders. Contractor – a person engaged in the sale of goods and/or provision of services, the order of which is issued by the User using the Application. User – licensee, natural person who installed the Application on the device. Device – mobile technical device (smartphone, tablet or other device), which has access to the Internet, which is installed Application. License – simple (nonexclusive) inexpressible revocable free license to use the Application. ESSENTIAL: This user agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement") defines terms and conditions of use of the Application, and defines the rules and terms of use of the opportunities provided by the User Application. This Agreement is equivalent to the agreement made in writing form, and is considered to be concluded from the moment of the installation The application user on the user's mobile device (s). The conclusion of the Agreement means that the User in the necessary for him to the extent you have read the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and unconditionally agree with them, including in terms of consent Company "Averd Soft" and Executors for use, processing and storage personal data of the User, to receive e-mail, sms and other types of newsletters and promotional content. The user's consent to the processing of personal data is valid for the total period of use of the Application, as well as within 5 years from the date of termination of use of the Application. If the User for any reason does not agree with the rules or the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the User must remove the Application from your mobile device, and not use applications. This Agreement may be amended By "Averd Soft" without any- or special notice, the new version of the Agreement shall enter into force with the date of its publication in the Annex. The user under this Agreement is granted the right to use The application for its intended purpose, for what to produce install and play the App by recording to mobile(s) user device (s). The user has the right to use the Application on an unlimited number of devices. Use of the Application in violation (failure) of any of the following the terms of the Agreement are prohibited. The user under this Agreement shall not be entitled to process (modify), decompile, disassemble, decrypt and take other actions to extract the source code and/or getting information about the implementation of algorithms used in the Application, create derivative works using the Application, grant rights under this Agreement to third parties, and to carry out (to allow to carry out) other use of the Application in violation of the provisions of this Agreement, as well as any attempt to actions'. The user undertakes to use the materials placed in the Application only legally. Validity of the license granted to the User hereunder The agreement applies to all future updates / new versions Applications. Agreeing to install updates / new versions of Programs, The user accepts the terms of this Agreement for the relevant updates / new versions of the Application if only update / installation the new version is not accompanied by the need to conclude a separate user agreement. Under this Agreement, the Company "Averd Soft" does not provide User services for technical support of the Application. You can only perform application functions if you have network access Internet. The user receives and pays for such access on his / her own. terms and tariffs of your service provider or network access provider Internet. Using the Application, the User is able to receive services and/or purchase of goods from the Performers. Obligations under the sale of goods and rendering of services in accordance with the terms issued through the Application of the order, arise directly from Performer's. All questions about the interaction in the provision of services and sale of goods resolved by the Contractor and the owner for self Company "Averd Soft". Company "Awerd Soft" grants exclusive rights of use Application, and under no circumstances does not and will not provide services, does not sell and will not sell products ordered through the App, as well as does not bear and will not bear any responsibility for the provided Contractor services and goods sold to them. Obligations to provide services and sale of goods, according to the terms of the order, arise directly from the Contractor. Company "Averd Soft" is only information link between the User and the Contractor, information about which is available in the Application. RESPONSIBILITY: The user agrees that the Company is "Averd Soft" holds responsibility for the quality of goods sold and services rendered, delays, failures, incorrect or late delivery, deletion or non-preservation of any user personal information, as well as for failures in the work of payment systems. In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation liability that can be applied as a result of improper provision of services and sale of goods shall be solely the Contractor. The company "Averd Soft" is not responsible for compliance and non-compliance The contractor of its obligations to the User, as well as for reliability of information provided by the Contractor. The company "Averd Soft" is not responsible for the information provided The user in the Application in a public form.