Wallpaper Elite black edition

Wallpaper Elite black edition

Wallpaper to save battery life. 🔋

 Not many people know what the power consumption of a smartphone is directly dependent on the brightness of the image on the screen.
By displaying darker tones, the energy consumption is reduced up to 32%, this result is only possible on smartphones with displays AMOLED or SUPER AMOLED. 📱 We picked up a Wallpaper especially for minimum energy consumption have also paid great attention to design and beauty. Magnificent images of nature, landscapes, amazing shapes and abstract figures, all waiting for You in our application.
Our app has a few useful add-ons in the menu You can activate "Remove Wallpaper" - thanks to this You will be able to maximize the phone's performance from one battery charge. Also in the menu "Settings" you can select the alternative of cropping the Wallpaper. (The quality of the images depends on the features of Your smartphone) If You like the app recommend it to your friends or followers in social networks, open the application menu and select "Share". We test all our apps on different devices and versions of Android ™.
This application has been tested on devices like Samsung ™ galaxy s9™, Motorola ™, moto x ™, the all droid ™ and the latest Google pixel ™

Thank you for the installation.👍

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